Your Home,
Our Mission 

Garrison Home Pros

Keeping Atlanta beautiful, one home at a time.

  1. Interior and Exterior Painting
    We have been painting in Atlanta and the southeast region for over 25 years. Our painters have a lifetime of experience and the ability to trouble shoot and solve any issue that you need help with. We take pride in making sure all repairs and application are done correctly and thoroughly. Our reputation is #1 in many neighborhoods around the city.
  2. Carpentry
    We specialize in the design and build concept for all of your carpentry needs. Whether it's building a deck or installing crown molding, we can create any structure, or add the finishing touches to your project.
  3. Fixture Installation
    After a great paint job, we can assist by installing a new light fixture, wall sconce, or ceiling fan. We also can install sinks, toilets and bathroom accessories as part of your New Bathroom Renovation.
  4. Design Consulting
    With over 25 years in the Industry, we can help you with layout, spatial problem solving, foundation assessment, kitchen planning or re-planning. We can help you best determine what is right for your particular needs and get an over all Design Plan from floor to finish.
  5. Color Consulting
    If you are having trouble choosing a color or just need another opinion, we can help you pick the right color for your home or interior space. John Garrison has a degree in Fine Art Painting from the Atlanta College of Art, and can show you different ways to help you narrow down your search.
  6. Built-Ins
    Built-ins are another one of our specialties. From shelves, to cubbies, to wine cabinets, we can bring your idea to life right there in your home!
  7. Landscape Design and Installation
    If the outside of your house could use a little help, we can design a plan to maximize the look and feel of your exterior. From fences, to garden boxes, and even treehouses, we can build it as well as plant the surrounding plants to beautify the project.
  8. Project Management and much much more!
    If your project list is becoming too long and overwhelming, we can take on the responsibility of managing from start to finish. We also have a tried and true list of sub-contractors to call upon to help with all phases. Licensed electricians and plumbers that have worked with us for many years are always glad to lend a hand if the job needs special attention.